John Root
Naturalist • Educator

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A Field Guide to the Afterlifepresents experiences reported by people of a variety of ages, nationalities, and spiritual beliefs suggesting that both human and animal souls may progress to an otherworldly existence following their lifetimes spent on earth. These first-person accounts include near-death experiences, visitations of departed pets and loved ones, animals appearing as emissaries of cherished family members who have passed, comforting messages channeled by mediums from deceased loved ones, lifesaving interventions by departed family members or unidentified "angels," and memories of both previous lives and between-life experiences recalled while in trance. 
Members of the audience are invited to respond to these compelling testimonies and to recount their own experiences relating to the hereafter or accounts that others have shared with them. Handouts listing books and websites exploring immortality and the afterlife are offered to participants at the conclusion of the program.

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes


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